Its a website for a Coffee Chain of 40,000 Outlets

As a nation, we now consume billions of cups of coffee every year. Today the beverage is drunk by about 80 per cent of the adult population of the country, Britons drink 77 million cups of coffee a day, more than 28 billion a year.
Many of these are consumed 'out of home' and served in a range of formats, from fine dining establishments to pubs, cafes, leisure, vending and the workplace. Increasing numbers of High Street coffee shops have driven growth within the coffee market. Currently estimated to be £1.3bn turnover, it is set to rise to £2.5bn within a decade. With increasing numbers of places to enjoy a coffee has come a whopping increase in the variety of c offees that are available - the cappuccino, americano and latte have been joined by the mocha, the macchiato and the frappuccino - and all accompanied by a whole new language of tall, skinny, syrup and sprinkles. Indeed, here in Britain, latte's are preferred over cappuccino's & in out of home coffee shops, cappuccino is now ordered four times more frequently than filter coffee.